Yes It Really Is

Beautiful Desert  6" x 8"

Eight Flower Mosaic 9" x 11"

Butterfly on Black  6" x  8".

Prancer  9"x 11"

Artwork Samples

Majestic Roo  12" x 15"

Red, White and Green  9" x 7"

Geometric 2     9" x 11"

.As an artist there are many, many ideas that come to mind about something that would make a great work of art. Many are filed away for future consideration and there are some that grab the mind and the eye and you have to start right away on your next masterpiece. Every work that is started and finished is a beautiful artwork that is cherished and ready for a new owner that takes it home to enjoy. A growing part of my work is custom art that is made to the customers request.

Flowers in an Orange Vase

10" x 12"